About Dr. Frank Buckler

FBDr. Buckler holds degrees in industrial engineering with a focus in communications engineering from the Technical University of Berlin. His doctoral degree (Ph.D) in marketing research science is from the University of Hanover. Since 1994 Dr. Buckler has developed unique neural-statistical methods for application in the social and economic sciences. He is the co-developer of the stock forecasting system Profit-Station.de, which has been successfully in use for over 12 years now.

As the developer of the Universal Structural Modeling method (USM) and of NEUSREL software, Dr. Buckler now spends most of his time exploring new and unique applications of USM and constantly updating and improving NEUSREL. 

The professional career lead Dr Buckler through employments with Simon, Kucher & Partners, the Strategy & Marketing Institute and GREIF. During every career step he had the opportunity to apply and optimise the NEUSREL software system. 

Dr. Buckler is a frequent speaker at conventions and seminars (e.g. IQPC, ManagementCircle, PLS, MMM) and is a visiting lecturer at several universities. He is author of two books, editor of three other books, and author of over 40 peer-reviewed scientific articles and book chapters.


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