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NEUSREL-Software/Service Package:

Neusrel Software
  • You receive a software licence for your unlimited usage. This includes an Excel input file and the user's guide. A valid Matlab R13+ license (Vendor: Mathworks) is required.
  • If required, you will receive personal assistance in modeling your data.
  • The software will be adapted and expanded according to your needs. This includes software updates..
  • For each analysis performed, the software computes all important measures, specifically:
    • R2 for every latent variable, Goodness of Fit (GoF), Overall Explained Absolute Deviation (OEAD) and Degree Of Freedom (DF) for every path, Linear Path Coefficients (LPC) for each linear path, Interaction Effects (IE) and Factor Scores.
    • 2D additive plots (which visualizes nonlinearities) and 3D interaction plots (visualizes interactions).
  • Description of all features, options and modules.

USM report

  • Pricing provided upon request (dependent on the term/time involved, on the specific performance features requested and usage scope).


Please contact us for more specifics: 
+49 163 282 55 37 


Analysis Service

Users with particular or unusual modeling requirements will likely prefer to use our personalized analysis service in order to reduce their costs and increase flexibility.

We provide you with an Excel spreadsheet template for your data and the model description.
Model Description: Modell
Dataset:                 Daten

You return the spreadsheet to us and we calculate the NEUSREL model and build a customized analysis report for you.
  • Contact us for pricing (this is dependent on the performance features you require).


+49 163 282 55 37 

PhD ProgrammThe NEUSREL PhD Program

For a limited time, a limited number of doctoral students will have the opportunity to use NEUSREL at no cost. This is a great opportunity for Ph.D. students with restricted funds to discover the scientific potential that USM offers for their research.

Please apply for the NEUSREL Ph.D. program by responding briefly to the following:
  • Please describe your research question or thesis.
  • How might the use of NEUSREL help you with your research?
  • What is your educational and professional background (please provide a mini-CV)?
  • Please briefly describe your (lack of) ability to pay for NEUSREL services (e.g., your stipend is limited, you are unemployed, etc.). 
Please email your application to buckler(at) Please include your address and phone number.



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