What is NEUSREL?

NEUSREL is a software package that performs Universal Structural Modeling (USM) - a new type of computer-aided causal analysis. In contrast to convetional  linear causal analysis methods, the application of NEUSREL is recommended when ...      
  • there are no "bullet proof" hypotheses concerning causal paths that exist in one's model,
  • nonlinear relationships among variables are suspected to be present, 
  • moderating effects (interactions) are presumed to exist AND/OR
  • path directions are unclear.
In what particular situations do researchers require NEUSREL? What types of applications is it best for? What advantages does NEUSREL-USM provide for you? The following article addresses these questions:

"How researchers explore nonlinearities and interactions in their cause-effect models and innovate their research field with exciting new discoveries."


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